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Monday 12th December 2016

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Monday 6th March 2017

Monday 24th April 2017

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Woodlands Family Medical Centre

Notes of a meeting of WPPG held on Monday 24th April 2017



Doug (DL) - Chairman

Elizabeth (EB)- Vice Chairperson

Mrs Sharon Leonard (SL) – Practice Manager

Ms Michelle Marshall (MM)- Deputy Practice Manager

Ian (IK)

Derek (DB)

Mike (MR)

Jennifer (JW)

Shelley Harrison and Joanne Moyle from Mind – Close 2 home.



Christine (CD)



Nazeem (NA)

Anne (AH)

Andrew (AP)

Nancy (NM)

Jodie (JC)


Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting, 6th March 2017, were accepted as being a true record.


Updates of outstanding Action point:

AP102 – Attempt to contact other local PPGs in an effort to identify best practices etc.(DL)

DL updated the group on the progress, he had 3 replies to date. ONGOING


Planned Business:

Presentation by Mind – Close 2 Home (Shelley Harrison and Joanne Moyle)

Shelley & Joanne gave the group a brief overview of what they duties covered. For example, to name but a few:-

1) They carry out an initial session, within 4 – 6 weeks of referral, with a view of looking at how that is impacting on a person’s mental health.

2) They look at ‘sign posting’ people to the most relevant agency.

3) They can assist with self-help.

4) They work closely with citizens advice.

A discussion took place during and after Shelley & Joanne had left and members generally found the information interesting, however the general feeling / conclusion was that they appeared to be duplicating what other agencies were also doing at this moment in time in regard to ‘care’


Practice Accomodation:

SL informed the group that Dr. Chaudhry would be leaving on June 16th 2017, there was no replacement as yet but locums have been arranged for the summer months.

SL informed the group that the renewal of the car parking white lines had started, this had been noticed by various group members.

SL updated the group on the 100 day challenge which is aimed at the practice. – Watch this space.


Any Other business

A brief discussion on the e-consult also took place.


Meeting closed at 2.30pm

The next meeting will be held on Monday 5th June 2017 at 1.30pm

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