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Monday 12th December 2016

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Monday 6th March 2017

Monday 24th April 2017

Monday 5th June 2017

Monday 17th July 2017

Monday 4th September 2017

Monday 16th October 2017

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Monday 15th January 2018

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Woodlands Family Medical Centre

               Notes of a meeting of WPPG held on Monday 15th Jan 2018



Doug (DL) - Chairman

Elizabeth (EB) - Vice Chairperson

Mrs Sharon Leonard (SL) – Practice Manager

Ms Michelle Marshall (MM) - Deputy Practice Manager

Mike (MR)

Christine (CD)

Derek (DB)

Naseem (NA),

Jennifer (JW)



Ian (IK),



Anne (AH), Andrew (AP)


Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes were accepted as being a true record.


** MM distributed the copies of the Healthwatch Stockton Independent Complaints Advocacy Service Information Packs to all present, this had been arranged to be carried out at the December meeting that was unfortunately cancelled. DL to arrange for copies to be sent to Anne, Ian and Andrew as they weren’t in attendance (AP112 DL / MM)


Updates of outstanding Action points:

AP111 – Amend / update the constitution. DL confirmed this had been completed Oct 23rd 2017 and that letters had also been sent out to JC & NM and as nothing had been heard from either member their membership was deemed to be cancelled by all present - Closed


Planned Business:

Dates of the 2018 meetings (CD & ALL)

All present agreed that a Monday appeared to be the ‘best’ day for the majority of the members, however those present also agreed that there would never be a time when dates were convenient for all members and as such we needed to hold meetings when the majority of members could attend. With that in mind the group agreed that the 2018 meetings would be held on the following dates:- Jan 15 , Mar 5, Apr 23, Jun 4, Jul 23, Sept 3, Oct 15 & Nov 26.


Diabetic awareness project (MR).

MR explained that there were 2 types of diabetes type 1 and type 2 and the NHS spends around £10 billion / year treating this condition (the majority of which is spent on type 2).

Type 1 is where patients need to take insulin.

Type 2 can, in most cases, be controlled by diet, lifestyle and or drugs.

MR went on to explain the awareness project and felt strongly that WPPG should be involved. Discussion then took place on how we could promote this and it was agreed that as a group & practice we would. Members were actioned to think about how we could do this and report back to the group at our next meeting (AP113 ALL). MR was also actioned to attempt to contact Diabetic UK, something he had previously done without success (AP114 MR). SL was actioned to not only invite one of the diabetic nurses to our next meeting (Mar 5th) but also discuss this project with a rep that she’s meeting in the next few days to see if they could offer any assistance (AP115 SL).


Pneumonia vaccinations (JW).

SL explained that there was a national shortage.


Practice Accommodation / Information:

SL informed the group that there would be a new GP registrar, Dr M. Smith, starting Feb 7th.


Any Other business:

DL stated that members needed to think about producing another newsletter, all present were asked to think about what they’d like to see in one and report back to the group at the next meeting (AP116 – ALL)


Meeting closed at 2:25 pm

The next meeting will be held on Monday 5th March 2018 at 1.30pm

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