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Monday 12th December 2016

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Monday 6th March 2017

Monday 24th April 2017

Monday 5th June 2017

Monday 17th July 2017

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Woodlands Family Medical Centre

Notes of a meeting of WPPG held on Monday 17th July 2017



Doug (DL) - Chairman

Elizabeth (EB) - Vice Chairperson

Mrs Sharon Leonard (SL) – Practice Manager

Ms Michelle Marshall (MM) - Deputy Practice Manager

Christine (CD)

Mike (MR)

Derek (DB)

Jennifer (JW)



Andrew (AP)

Ian (IK)



Naseem (NA)

Anne (AH)

Nancy (NM)

Jodie (JC)


Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting, 5th June 2017, were accepted as being a true record.


Updates of outstanding Action point:

AP102 – Attempt to contact other local PPGs in an effort to identify best practices etc. DL updated the group on the progress, ONGOING


AP103 – Group members to think about / check out the various site in order to propose what we (WPPG) want to do / achieve (ALL)

CD informed the group that other PPGs not only used virtual group / emails but that she thought it may be better to have less meeting per year e.g. one every 2 months (6 per year) DL & MR thought that that may be too long. All agreed it was something to consider.

MR stated that he had looked at various aspects of groups like ours going on to mention the following areas in regards to the role of a PPG.

1) Being a critical friend to the practice rather than a complaints forum.

2) Advising the practice on the patient perspective and providing insight into the responsiveness and quality of service.

3) Encouraging patients to take greater responsibility for their own and their family’s health.

4) Carrying out research into the views of those who use the service.

5) Organising health promotion events and improving health literacy.

6) Regular communication with the population.

He finished by saying that he had decided on the above ‘points’ after visiting the National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP) web site – see planned business. - CLOSED


AP104 – Problem with one of the steps leading to the nurses waiting area. SL confirmed that the problem has now been rectified - CLOSED


Planned Business:

National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP)

MR informed those present about this organisation plus handed out some paperwork. He went onto say that this was the main site he’d used to identify the roles of a PPG. Discussion took place around the six points he’d mentioned previously.


Practice Accommodation:

SL informed the group about the following:-

· That the E consult figures were up and the majority of the replies were completed within 24 hours even though the system states 48 hours.

· That Wi-Fi was to be fitted in the practice and that the partners were purchasing 1 or 2 tablets so that the staff could demonstrate the web site facilities to the patients as / when time permitted. DL, and others members, thought that this could be something WPPG could assist with.

· Locums have been arranged for the main summer holiday period.

· Dr Oji will be the new GP Registrar and he will be starting in August, he will have his induction during that month and will be then seeing patients by mid-September. DL asked if it would be possible, workloads permitting, for Dr Oji to attend the next meeting.SL thought that should be possible.


Any Other business

Meeting closed at 2.15pm


The next meeting will be held on Monday 4h September 2017 at 1.30pm


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